Quiz Master

Quiz mastering is another area of my interest, where my vision was to be a unique option in the Bible Quiz field. This vision motivated me to establish unique and innovative approaches in the Quiz field which attracted and motivated the participants as well as the audience to take part in the competitions consistently.

@ ShibuSpeaking.com, we make sure that it is an interesting spiritual learning event for all with a takeaway of knowledge.

We have a team approach in the Quiz organization and our Quiz Administration team provide all necessary support in maintaining quality, integrity in judgment and technological support during the event. This makes the event memorable and establishes credibility and value.


How to book a Quiz Event?

  • The required time period for preparation: 2-3 months
  • Selection of Books/themes, Language, Professional category etc together with the organizers
  • Define the type of rounds and rules (Quiz Team)
  • The announcement of the event & Communication of the rules and details
  • Preparation of venue and set up to be done by the organization with the support and guidance of the Quiz team

Deputy Head Master

@ Jubilee Veda Maha Vidyalaya, Kuwait

Jubilee Veda Maha Vidyalaya is the Sunday School wing of St.Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Kuwait.

It is the largest Sunday School of the entire church globally with 1500 students, 130 teachers, Office staff, administration team, parents committee, and other supporting teams.

Shibu Alex has been selected as the Deputy Head Master of this school from the year 2018.

He has been a teacher in this school from 1997 and has an accumulated teaching experience of more than 25 years in the spiritual educational field.

He has lead several supporting functions such as MGOCSM, seminars and educational events and training programs.

Shibu Alex has been a leading trainer in the Teachers Training program organized during the Jubilee year. He has been sought by other parishes and churches to conduct several training programs for their teachers and students.