Success Coaching

@, we distinguish Coaching as empowerment program with long term commitment from both parties.
We facilitate two types of coaching :

1. Personal Success Coaching

Personal success coaching is a globally emerging human empowerment program which helps to set our life towards the directions of success and take the journey to that destination.

A personal success coach will :

  • Help you find your vested potential and field of best interest and maximize that potential
  • Make the game faster and steady
  • Add more meaningful edges to your life
  • Help you create your identity leading to satisfaction and self-esteem in your life

When do I need a life coach in my life?

Sometimes I meet people who forget (or tend to forget) why they started a particular journey in their life because of meeting with some hurdles and obstacles during the journey. There are several situations in human life where we go through confusions, unable to take proper decisions or do not know which path to take from a junction. Other cases are preparing for an interview, taking a new job or a career deviation or moving into a new phase of life etc. There may be situations, we feel totally lost, feeling a lack of confidence or no power to decide,  unable to know what to do next or even go through a depression stage feeling life as meaningless.

This is the time where you need the support of a second person who can :

  • help you take control of your life
  • bring clarity for your path and
  • recreate a new version of your life

In other words, in the above situation, 95% people take decisions without much thinking or analysis and 5% make extremely wise moves. They take opinions and advice from experts and make use of their experiences and expertise. This 5% segment does the successful journey in their life and achieves dreams and goals of their life.

What do we do in Personal Success Coaching?

  • We provide one-to-one/face to face coaching with impactful advice and help the person create his/her own “winning plan”.
  • We help you to face the challenges of your life and define your dream goals with more clarity and make you fit for future challenges.
Our characteristics are :

  • @ ShibuSpeaking.Com, we don’t leave you alone. We join with you in your journey with lifetime mutual commitments.
  • You get a personal development mentor for your personal growth
  • You get free Platinum membership @ Fortune Empowerment Club
  • You get “Ambassador” badge facilitating volunteer roles in Fortune Events

Note : This service from is free of charge with the mission and commitment for our fellow beings. If any voluntary contributions are received, it goes entirely for the upliftment of needy fellow beings.

Our simple way …

  • Identify the gap, area of healing from past injuries or ignorance, obstacles, limitations etc
  • Define or Redefine the dreams and goals and the specific purposes
  • Build up mental strength, confidence, and mindset to improve
  • Define the activity plans and paths together with ownership feeling
  • Create measuring/monitoring methods to view the journey and level of accountability
  • Help you create your own identity and lead a life with self-esteem and confidence