We are all gifted with a unique lifetime!
An exceptional time to dream big, to embrace the vested talents and to engrave our footprints in the world for the next generation to be proud of our existence.

This can be achieved only if we have the burning desire to stand out in the crowd.
Yes, it needs vision, determination and the mindset to do hard work.
No one has ever jumped directly to the top of Everest, but little by little, step by step they did it.
Born in a small village in the State of Kerala in India with many limitations in resources and possibilities could have forced me to create an ‘excuse list’ and remain in a nutshell with limited vision. But the desire to enfold the purpose of the soul compelled me to break all the barriers to touch the roof.

The significant factors of my success journey are
• Self-Esteem
• Believing You can do it
• Convincing You deserve it
• Trusting You ‘ll get it”
• Getting associated and surrounded by quality people
• “No tolerance” in sacrificing my dreams

Whenever I raised the honors of victory in my hand, it was a silent proclamation of two things, God’s grace and the determination to succeed.

Success needs a place to reside and let it be in us.
Call back your dreams.
Never change your goals. Only alter the direction. There you may need a mentor.
Don’t hesitate to get surrounded with such right people who can take you to better heights.
Don’t look back. If you do, it shall be only to measure how much you traveled so far.

I cordially invite you to join with me in this journey.
Let every milestone of this journey tell a unique story to the world.
Never forget, we all make choices but in the end our choices make us.



  • A motivational speaker who can touch and change the lives of many
  • Business Consultant who can drive organizations to achieve success
  • Leadership Coach who can create more leaders around him
  • Corporate Trainer who can take organizations for a journey from good to great
  • Personal Success coach who can change the lives of many


  • Facilitate consultancy and training services within an affordable range for Startup’s, SME’s and major corporates
  • Uplift business organizations which are struggling in uncertainty to profitable business through proven strategic approaches in various segments
  • Integrate necessary IT solutions and Social Media enhancements to cope-up with today’s business requirements
  • Facilitate training and mentoring to transform management and corporate team to contributing human resources with ownership feeling
  • Uplift people who are suffering from disappointment and career falls

Career Milestones


(Business Consultancy, Corporate training, ISO-9001/2015 Lead Auditor, Success Coaching, Keynote Speaking events)

2018 ENTREPRENEUR @ ShibuSpeaking.Com

(Consultant, Corporate training, Success Coach, Motivational Speaker)


(Passenger Cars and Vans)


(Business Development Department)


(Parts Department)


(Parts Department)


(Service Department)


  •  Master of Business Administration
  • Daimler Certified Sales Manager (Mercedes-Benz)
  • IRCA Lead Auditor QMS ISO-9001:2015
  • Member of Toast Master International Public Speaking Club
  • Consultant @ Kuwait Occupational Standards Assessment Department
  • Visiting Lecturer for Business Management
  • Keynote speaker, Coach, and Corporate Trainer
  • Quiz Master
  • Deputy Head Master (Jubilee Veda Maha Vidyalaya, Kuwait)

Professional Core Competencies

Business Management

  • Automotive Expertise of 22 years in Sales, Aftersales, Business Development, L&D departments
  • Premium Automotive Industry & Market Knowledge
  • Successful career growth from operational level to top management through proven milestones
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation, Processes Management, Portfolio Development
  • Management Performance Optimization and Business Development,
  • Brand Building, CSI Enhancements, Market Share Optimization
  • KPI consultation, Business Controls
  • ROI, Budgeting, Cost Control, Pricing
  • Dealer Standards fulfillment, Compliance Management, and Corporate Audits

Speaking / Coaching / Training Industry

  • Visionary with a self-made personal brand
  • Leadership Coach, Staff Mentor
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Professional Trainer
  • Business Success Coach & Consultant
  • Personal Success Coach