Speaking industry has witnessed tremendous changes in its objective, methodologies, and professionalism, which reflects at shibuspeaking.com.



Training with passion, delivering winning ideas with the support of own success stories are important factors for a great trainer.


Success Coaching

ShibuSpeaking.com, we distinguish Coaching as an empowerment program with long term commitment from both parties.



Founder of fortune consultancy which provides business and management consultancy for large, medium and small scale industry through a team of experts.

About me

Shibu Alex

Life of an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision.

  • A person who took responsibility for his own future and built it with passion and dedication.
  • Above all, he is a man who surrenders before the Will of God.
  • He believes, “Success and failure, both do not come to you just by themselves. It depends on how you work for it. Also, both won’t stay back with you. It depends on how you deal with them further.”.

Break your comfort zone by taking challenges!